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Outlander Extractions produces Full Spectrum CBD Distillate in compliance with federal law such that all products sold contain less than 0.3% THC

locally made CBD distillate

Grown in Nevada,

Processed in Nevada.

Many CBD product manufacturers face too many obstacles to create the infrastructure for proper support of their supply chain. 

Let us do it for you.

Eliminate the Doubt.

time is money.

The total cost of supporting your CBD supply chain is exponentially increased with every minute that is spent questioning the legitimacy of your CBD sources.


Let’s cut costs by eliminating the doubt. As part of our internal quality control measures, all product is tested at several stages throughout the extraction and distillation process to ensure consistency and quality. “In-process” as well as “final-product” CoA’s are available for review on our website.


Don’t believe us? Ask for a sample and we will pay for it to be third-party tested by an accredited laboratory of your choice. 

Grown in Nevada,

Processed in Nevada.

local hemp means less risk and greater control.

Working exclusively with Nevada grown hemp is not only beneficial for the state’s economy, it also gives us access to the freshest, high-altitude hemp on the market.


Shipping hemp from within the US and/or overseas means biomass will sit in bins for weeks or months before it is processed. During such extensive transport, it can be exposed to drastic temperature changes and even toxic gases from cargo boat exhausts that can damage or contaminate the flower.


Our local hemp farmers ship the biomass to our facility where it can be extracted within days of harvest. Any biomass that is left-over and awaiting processing is kept safe from contamination in a temperature controlled environment.

Distillate on Demand.

stop waiting for distillate and start building a brand.

Let’s be honest, a day in the life of a product manufacturer is unpredictable and, unless you’re Ponce De Leon, navigating these murky waters is seldom an easy task.


When the unexpected hits, you want a CBD supplier who is available on demand.


At Outlander Extractions we work around the clock to have product available for all your unexpected supply chain needs. With 24-hours notice, we can supply on-demand orders of up to 5L of 70-85% pure CBD distillate. Local orders can be hand delivered upon request, while all others can be shipped with expedited delivery. 

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